SYDNEY: Australian iPhone owners will miss out on payments from Apple, following a US$500 million settlement over allegations that the company intentionally slowed down older devices to preserve batteries.


Apple has confirmed that Australian consumers are not eligible for the settlement and has declined to provide any further comment, aside from noting that the settlement relates to a class action lodged in a US jurisdiction.


US iPhone owners who had purchased an iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and SE models will be eligible for a payment of up to US $25 from Apple, under terms of the settlement.

 low cost iPhone Aussies miss on iPhone payout

The settlement was made after lawyers representing iPhone customers and Apple agreed to the deal stemming from the tech giant’s 2017 admission it was deliberately slowing down phone performance in older models.


This had the effect of avoiding unexpected shutdowns associated with battery fatigue.


While Apple did not admit any wrongdoing, it will pay between US$310 million and US$500 million as part of the settlement. – Channel News


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