Birde Launch World First Kids Smart Speaker


Aussie-owned ‘Birde’ is set to release the world’s first smart media player for kids this Christmas – selling for RRP $299 with $60 worth of content and a wireless charging base.

With no access to the internet [or advertising], children over 1 years can independently use Birde to listen to music, audiobooks, or play video when synced to a connected smart device (e.g. TV).

Content is stored on hexagonal disks (‘Birde Seeds’), with material specifically developed for young children. Content partners include ABC Kids, StoryBots and Dinosnores, with more to come ($11.95 per pack).

Birde claims the product is a game-changer for Aussie homes, allowing young children to use technology in a safe way.


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Children playing with birde highres small 740x432 Birde Launch World First Kids Smart Speaker

In lieu of voicing commands – like a standard smart speaker – kids simply tap a Birde Seed disk to the speaker.

Parents can also control the speaker via an app, restricting usage, changing volume and more.

Birde claims there’s nothing like it on the Aussie market, allowing young kids to independently control media, without fear they’ll let loose on the internet.

Further information is available on Birde’s website here.

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