EXCLUSIVE: JB Hi-Fi To Peddle Electric Bikes


As Bill shorten pedals electric cars, JB Hi Fi is set to peddle electric bikes.

The big retailer has scored an exclusive deal to sell a brand new electric bike from Cygnett, the award winning accessories Company who is set to launch a slick looking peddle machine that comes with a battery that delivers 45 kilometres of electric power and 12 Shimano gears that can be used in between calling on battery power.

Called the Life Cycle the machine will go on sale at JB Hi Fi’s Pitt Street store shortly.

According to Cygnett marketing manager Michael Broadhurst the Company who won two honouree awards at this year’s CES show is targeting people who want to ride to work, as well as weekend riders, and even those who have “bad limbs” and still want to ride.

Set to cost around $1,900 the battery delivers 250 watts of power and is capable of 25klm an hour. It also has hydraulic suspension struts and at this stage will only be available in a stylish matt black.

SmartHouse and seen and played with the new machine and what is impressive is an LED control display that sits between the handles. The display tells you the level of motor assist, your speed, as well as how much power is left in the battery. You also get a heads up on distance travelled as well as a clock.JB Bike 2 EXCLUSIVE: JB Hi Fi To Peddle Electric Bikes

On the right of the display is easy access to the controls.

To charge the battery you simply snap it off the bike and connect it to a charger in the same way one charges a smartphone or notebook.

According to Broadhurst the Company will in the future look at delivering a range of accessories for cyclists as well as electric bikes for women and children.