Google Celebrates 10M Cardboard VR Shipments


Google has announced in a blog post today that the company’s low-cost Google Cardboard VR has shipped to more than 10 million customers worldwide.The company says there have been 160 million downloads of Cardboard
apps on Google Play, and that 30 of those apps have more than 1 million
downloads each.

“We first launched Cardboard in 2014 as a simple and affordable way
for everyone to try virtual reality. With only Cardboard and the
smartphone in your pocket, you can travel to faraway lands, ride a
roller coaster, or take a guided tour of the solar system. Today, more
than 10 million Cardboard viewers have shipped worldwide,” they say.

To celebrate, the company announced a partnership with Sky.

“As of today, Sky VR joins a lineup that includes Hulu, Netflix, and
HBO. The Sky app showcases a range of immersive 360 videos, including
from Sky’s partners like “Star Wars: Red Carpet,” “Anthony
Joshua-Becoming World Champion,” and clips from Disney’s “The Jungle
Book,” the company said.

Google also shared some info about how users are interacting with their Daydream VR, launched late last year.

According to them “we’ve built Daydream with lessons learned from
Cardboard. It’s more comfortable, interactive, and immersive; as a
result, people are spending more time using it-about 40 minutes per
week. With six Daydream-ready phones and 100 Daydream apps to explore,
there are lots of devices and experiences to choose from.”