Google Pixel Buds Release Hit With ‘Hiss’


Google’s Pixel Buds have further released outside the United States, however, some reviewers assert the earbuds retain a previously complained about audio ‘hissing’ sound.

The news comes after some US users complained of a persistent hissing sound when used to play music, and now international reviewers such as BBC Tech’s Chrix Fox have lamented the audio hiccup too.

BBC Tech has affirmed the presence of a low-level quiet hissing noise when using the Pixel Buds – most noticeable when listening at low volumes (e.g. in bed).

Screen Shot 2020 07 21 at 11.13.40 am Google Pixel Buds Release Hit With Hiss

A Google spokesperson informed the publication instances of the audio distortion were “very rare”, but adds it hopes to alleviate this via future software updates.

Fox did note that not all his friends could hear the hissing noise, however, he could.

Feedback of an audio hiss when using the Pixel Buds has plagued support forums in the US for several months, and appear to be expanding internationally following the product’s greater global release.

The audio flaw was dubbed a “fundamental problem” by Mr Fox, dropping its market value alongside the absence of noise cancellation versus competitor products.