LG Launch World’s First 1ms IPS Gaming Monitor


LG Electronics has unveiled two versions of its new UltraGear Nano IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC gaming monitor, the world’s first 1 millisecond (ms) IPS display.

The monitor will be available in two sizes: 38-inch (model 38GL950G) and 27-inch (model 27GL850).

Both models use Nano IPS technology for accurate colour reproduction, ultra-fast response time and a refresh rate of 144Hz, overclockable to 175Hz.

The 27-inch UltraGear is compatible with NVIDIA motion-smoothing G-SYNC technology and supports HDR10.

Whereas the larger 38-inch model supports both NVIDIA G-SYNC, VESA DisplayHD 400 and is certified by NVIDIA for performance and image quality.

UltraGear Nano IPS G SYNC Gaming Monitor 2 1024x569 LG Launch World’s First 1ms IPS Gaming Monitor

The 38-inch version features 3840 x 1600 resolution and the 27-inch has 2560 x 1440 resolution, both with a wide colour gamut of DCI-P3 98% for “flicker-free detailed images”.

The larger monitor features a curved screen with 21:9 aspect ratio super-thin bezels and upgraded Sphere Lighting 2.0 with ambient RGB lighting on its rear that adapts to match the on-screen gameplay.

Both models include game-specific settings such as Dynamic Action Sync mode, Black Stabiliser and Crosshair for more accuracy in first-person-shooter games.

There’s no news on whether the monitors will be heading Down Under just yet, pre-orders for the 27GL850 will begin in the US on July 1 and will be available in “key European markets” in Q3 2019.

LG gaming 1 LG Launch World’s First 1ms IPS Gaming Monitor