Microsoft Takes On Google With Rumoured ‘Surface Phone’


[Image Credit: Windows Latest]

Recent reports reveal that Microsoft may be working on a new ‘Surface Phone’, claimed to work much better with its smart assistant, Cortana, than Android phones ever could.

Chinese tech publication, ITHome, first noticed a leak from Microsoft’s Asia Research Institute published to Chinese social forum Zhihu.

In a question and answer section posted on Zhihu a Microsoft engineer noted they are “looking forward to the perfect performance of Surface Phone”.

Microsoft has reportedly edited the comment – in brackets – to say “we don’t know [if] a Surface Phone will exist”.

Below is a rough translation of the leak, derived from Windows Latest.

“Siri and Bixby, [are] two intelligent assistants installed in smartphones, and Cortana is a third-party application – permissions support may be embarrassing”

“Windows Phone users may know that Cortana in [the] Windows Phone was better than the Cortana app – Windows Phone Cortana was a lot easier to use. Microsoft Cortana (Xiao Na) is a cross-platform smart assistant, available across all devices including PCs and smartphones”

“For the smart assistant, permissions is a good thing – Looking forward to the perfect performance of the Surface Phone (although we don’t know [if] a Surface Phone will exist).

“Of course, as a smart assistant, the pace of development is still relatively slow, but [the] Cortana team will be working hard to make the assistant better”

“Last year in [the] 3rd-anniversary celebration, Cortana saw all new features and support. Three years is not a long time… Microsoft Cortana team must live up to expectations”.

surface pro Microsoft Takes On Google With Rumoured Surface Phone