Motorola Release Limited Edition Razr In Blush Gold


Motorola is releasing a limited edition of its Razr smartphone in Blush Gold at JB Hi-Fi and Motorola’s online store.

Customers who purchase the Blush Gold Razr from JB Hi-Fi ($2,199) will also receive a bonus black leather pouch valued at $59.

The Razr is a modern take on the iconic flip phone, featuring an unbroken, 6.2-inch Flex View screen that can fold completely in half to allow for a seamless display.

When folded down, the Razr is small and compact, easily fitting into a back pocket. It also features a mini Quick View display on the front of the folded smartphone, so you can receive notifications without having to open the phone.

It has a 16MP rear camera with Night Vision and a 5MP front camera (both cameras have flashes).

Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 octa-core processor and an Android 9 Pie operating system, this premium smartphone is fast and powerful.

The Razr comes with an 18W charger, USB cable, accessories case, and Razr earbuds and headset adapter cable.

RAZR Blush Gold RIGHT SIDE OPEN Motorola Release Limited Edition Razr In Blush Gold
Motorola Razr Blush Gold