Amazon is protecting your precious parcel deliveries with the unveiling of a smart box that helps to reduce theft.

Yale, a smart lock company, has revealed the Smart Home Delivery Box that is remotely controlled through an app, allowing owners to control when it’s opened and locked.

‘We’re in the business of protecting our customers’ homes and their most important belongings through trusted hardware and smart accessibility,’ said Jason Williams, President of Yale’s Smart Residential Group.

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‘We’re committed to extending the peace of mind and convenience we’ve been able to provide through our smart locks to our new smart storage products, protecting everything from package deliveries to jewellery, important documents, medicine and alcohol.’

After extensive consumer behavioural research, Yale revealed that 36% of American’s had experienced porch theft and designed the Smart Box to provide security to customers.

The Smart Home Delivery Box is equipped with a digital latch that connects to the app and alerts the owner when it was opened. A notification will be sent through the app if the box is opened without authorisation.

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(Chris Radburn/PA Wire)

The app, called Yale Access, allows customers to share the box with trusted people – be it neighbours, family or close friends.

Inside the smart box is also a compartment where heavy items – such as sand – can be put inside to make the box heavy, prevent people from running away with it.

The Yale Smart Box is set to be released onto the market Autumn 2020 and will be available at ShopYaleHome.com.