Samsung has teased new home electronics set to appease homebound consumers during the pandemic, with the devices slated to unveil at its Unpacked event on August 5.

The virtual Unpacked event will reportedly reveal a broader company strategy shift for the Korean giant as it seeks to adapt to a coronavirus affected global landscape.

The event is also hotly anticipated to reveal five new devices including; new Galaxy Note smartphone series, new smart watch and new wireless earbuds.

Samsung’s newly appointed chief of its mobile communications business, TM Roh, adss the company has a “tremendous amount in the pipeline”, as disclosed within a blog post.

He affirms strides in 5G technology and a shift towards working from home measures has given Samsung “a true sense of emergency.”

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“As leaders of the tech industry, we have a special responsibility – and now a true sense of urgency – to help society continue to move forward. So many people are counting on us to give them new ways to communicate, new ways to work, and new ways to connect,” adds Roh.

I consider this new era as the “Next Normal” and technology – especially mobile technology – has a critical role in it”

“In just a few months, we’ve seen our lives change in unimaginable ways. Distance learning, at-home fitness, online concerts, and so much more have all been enabled by mobile technology.”

Roh also flagged the importance of cross-company collaborations for our current era, offering increased productivity capacities for home-bound consumers. The news comes after the company inked a deal with Microsoft’s Xbox team, Spotify, Netflix and many others.

Samsung’s Unpacked event will stream locally at 12AM, Thursday 6 August AEST.

Read Roh’s full company blog post here.

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