Sneak Preview Of New Crestron Automation Solutions


One of the big names in Automation, Crestron Control Systems, has launched a number of new automation and AV distribution products today.

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First up are the Adagio entertainment systems, which include entertainment controller multi channel amplifiers, expansion amplifiers, APAD wall mount controllers, AAS series music servers (up to 250G running Windows XP) and the CEN-IDOC two way interface.

The CEN-IDOC provides an interface to the Apple iPod, enabling two way touchpanel control and navigation. Essentially, you plug your iPod into the docking station and allows iPod functionality on Crestron touch screens. This means you can share your music collection stored on your iPod to speakers throughout the house.

Crestron said the CEN-IDOC provides high-speed Ethernet communications with the Crestron control system, plus buffered unbalanced and CAT5 balanced stereo outputs to enable interface to any Crestron audio distribution system. The CEN-IDOC supports iPod 4G and above, iPod photo, iPod nano, and iPod mini.

Also new from Crestron is the TPMC4x wireless hand-held two-way Wi-Fi 4 inch TP controller, with video streaming capability and the TPMC IO

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series touch panels with embedded Windows XP and Microsoft applications, Ethernet, and transparency graphics. Various model versions also feature balanced video, HD viewing, Quickmedia and PC inputs for remote desktop and preview of sources.

Although Crestron is known primarily as a high-end automation solutions provider, it is also addressing those at the entry-level end of the automation market, with the Isys TPS4L wall mount touchscreens featuring Ethernet and Cresnet connectivity. The Isys touchpanels are compact (about the size of a common lightswitch) and feature a claimed high contrast 3.6 inch active-matrix colour touchscreen with 16-bit Isys colour graphics and 10 programmable, backlit pushbuttons. Crestron said a 32-bit Motorola ColdFire Microprocessor combined with the ultra-efficient operating system supports high-resolution high-resolution graphics and images, dynamic text, full-motion video, animation, multimode objects (buttons, frames, gauges, and sliders) and popup/dropdown sub-pages.

Crestron Control Solutions also has a number of integration partner products from the likes of NEC, Turbosound, Belkin, Somfy and Digitalview. The company said its integration partner program is designed to allow partner manufacturer’s products to operate seamlessly in a Crestron systems environment. In addition to the names mentioned above, key suppliers will include Kramer, Screen Technics, Australian Monitor, Bose, Sanyo, Media Matrix and Altinex.


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